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Wilkins Chimney Sweep celebrates most successful month since records began!

16 November 2020

Image: Franchisee Jon McDougall owner of Wilkins Chimney Sweep (Marlborough and West Berks)

We’ve just recorded our most successful month of sweeping and income since records began!

We’re putting the boom in figures down to people spending more time in their homes during lockdown, using their fires more and having new wood burning stoves installed.

Wilkins is part of Darren Taylor's 'Taylor Made Franchising' group. We currently have 15 franchisees operating over 18 territories across the country. Our franchisees sweep chimneys and fit cages caps and cowls to the chimneys of commercial and domestic properties across the UK.

Our latest end of month reports shows that income for all franchisees combined in October 2020 was £207,328 up from £174,746 for the same time in 2019 (18.5% increase). This was also the first-time income for the franchise had gone above £200,000 in a calendar month.

The actual number of chimneys swept rose as well from 3,245 in October 2019 to 3,765 in October 2020 (16% increase).

General manager Richard Bryan, himself a former Wilkins Chimney Sweep franchisee, said,

Richard Bryan, General Manager, Wilkins Chimney Sweep

‘It is fantastic to see the network doing so well; the lads have all worked really hard this season and these results show that. The effort we put in to ensuring that our sweeps have been working safely throughout the coronavirus pandemic has clearly paid dividends. We knew things were looking good when our latest franchisee to join us during lockdown carried out £6,000 worth of sweeps in his opening month and we’re delighted that success has been replicated across the network.’

He continued,

‘As sweeps and as a franchise we are often asked, ‘do people still really use chimney sweeps?’ These figures confirm what we’ve always said, yes, they do and now more than ever. Customers in 2020 know how important it is to get their chimney swept regularly to keep their homes and families safe and our franchisees are doing a fantastic job providing that safety service ,whilst also building successful, profitable businesses for themselves.’

Because many insurers require homeowners to produce a valid certificate of sweeping before any claims for damage caused by fire will be considered, our customers are emailed their certificate via our bespoke software ‘ProSweep’, immediately following the sweep.

Franchisor Darren Taylor, owner of Taylor Made Franchising who purchased Wilkins Chimney Sweep in January 2018 said,

‘This really is great news and we send our heartiest congratulations to each and every Wilkins franchisee on what has been an outstanding month. Despite the pandemic the British public have recognised the need to use a reputable, professional chimney sweep and we are delighted that they chose Wilkins Chimney Sweeps.

He continued,

‘Each of our sweeps is fully versed in working in a Covid-safe way, allowing them to get on with their sweeps whilst keeping their customers safe. Feedback and recommendation from customers is vital in this business, so we’re delighted that our Trustpilot reviews show a 97% ‘Excellent’ score. We thank all our customers for taking the time to add their reviews and for their kind comments.’

Taylor went on,

‘We are still actively recruiting for more franchisees to join Wilkins Chimney Sweep. If anyone would like to know more about owning their own profitable, ethical, sustainable chimney sweeping business, please contact Richard Bryan at Wilkins Chimney Sweep on 07930 353 958. Training for new sweeps will begin in early 2021.’



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